Are Yeezy Slides True to Size?

Finding your Yeezy fit could be difficult sometimes. 

Yeezy shoes often require you to go a size up because of a few differences, but today we have decided to help you out. Are Yeezy slides true to size? Should I go a size up?

Keep reading, and we’ll be going over this in detail and help you figure it out. 

Yeezy Slides True to Size?

The Yeezy slides launched in 2020 — the perfect loungewear when the whole world was stuck inside their homes due to the pandemic. If you are wondering if they are true to size? The answer is yes! The slides are true to size, but what if you are in between, such as your feet size is 9.5?

Although the shape of the slides are wider already for your toes, it should fit you. In some cases, people have reported that they needed to go a size up, but this is not usual until your feet or your toes are really wide.

If your feet are wide and you want the snug fit that hugs your foot and makes you feel like you are walking on clouds, then you should be fine by buying your true-to-size Yeezy slides.

If that’s not your taste and you want some breathing room, we would advise you to go one size bigger.

The Comfort

Comfort? Is there anything that Kanye released and that was uncomfortable!? The Yeezy slides are one of the best loungewear to wear at home or for grocery shopping. They are one of the most comfortable slides, and the cushioning on these are beyond anything — You could wear them all day and can never feel discomfort.

Rather, you’ll feel an agonizing pain when you will suddenly realize you are wearing some other pair of slides or shoes.

The midsole on these are quite thick and lifts you off the ground than most sneakers or slides. The outsole’s tread also helps in amplifying the comfort by enabling the opportunity to sustain more compression as you walk.

How To Style Them

So, the slides were released in three colorways initially, they are ‘Bone’, ‘Earth brown’, and ‘Resin’ with more launching every few months. But how do you style them?

Socks! Socks are the best friend to footwear — they are like the tie/bowtie that accentuates your upper wear. Try to uplift your outlook by properly matching the sock with your upper and bottom wear by matching it with the color of your slides. If you want to create a contrasty look, you could play with the sock by going with the polka dots pattern or other colorful patterns.

You could wear the slides both indoors and outdoors, but the perfect bottoms to wear with the slides will be shorts — if you plan to wear them over jeans or trousers, that’s so FORBIDDEN!

These are advertised as indoor shoes, but they are also perfect for outdoors, and therefore you should never wear your slides over jeans, suits, or trousers!

And if you are the person who prefers wearing joggers, you could easily accentuate your outfit by wearing the slides with the joggers with a properly fitting tee creating a vibe for yourself such as mysterious, edgy, someone that is important, and whatnot! 

And your best friend for more ideas and outfit suggestions would be Pinterest! So make sure you try to create a unique look with Yeezy slides and become the head turner!

And now that we discussed how to dress up with your slides, let’s learn how to clean them.

Cleaning Your Yeezy Slides

Since you’ll be wearing these comfiest slides on earth a lot! You might need to clean them every few months to keep them fresh or to remove stains.

Learn to clean your Yeezy Slides by following the below steps

  1. Prepare a bowl of cold water and add a cleaning solution or dish soap
  2. With a shoe brush, scrub the shoe thoroughly 
  3. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe the slides to remove any moisture
  4. And now leave them to air dry for an hour

If you have a stubborn stain on your slides, you use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove the stain. And if there are any scuffs on your Yeezy slides, you could use a suede eraser to remove the scuffs — Do they remove the scuff? This is a tried and tested method, and they do, even if they do not completely, it hides the scuff pretty well. 

Pool Partying With Yeezy Slides

A few users have complained that their Slides are not looking at their best shape after submerging these in the water, therefore it is best to keep these away from wearing to pools or beaches as they could age your shoe faster.

If they have gotten it wet, make sure you wipe the slides immediately with a clean cloth to avoid damaging your slides.

Yeezy Slides VS Yeezy Foam Runner

In terms of comfort — they are from the exceptional Yeezy! And there’s no doubt they are extremely comfy, and in terms of looks, Foam runner steals the show. Foam Runner is an outdoor shoe more than it is an indoor shoe.

On the other hand, Slides are more indoor shoes but can also be worn out for your grocery shopping or just for a short stroll. If you are expecting to go to a mall with these… eh… I guess they aren’t your perfect choice for malls — and for sure, you are not wearing them to your date night.

Both look amazing and have their own purposes, and they have their own unique look to them, and we would encourage you to try them both out because you are just not going to get enough of them… they are one of the best brands on the earth that makes quality products.

Foam runners retailed at $75 when they were launched, and the slides retailed at $55. Being Yeezy’s, they launched with limited stock at an affordable price, and they sold out immediately. You could grab them from a secondary market, but the prices of the foam runners and the slides on the secondary market are around $150-$220.


The slides are the perfect partner to you both indoors and outdoor, they are comfortable, they have a distinctive and great look to them, and they are Yeezy’s! 

Yeezy slides are true to size, and you shouldn’t have any problem with the fit being small or tight. Just make sure you don’t submerge them in the water. And if you get any scuffs, you know what to do!

We hope you had a great read!