Early Look at the Air Jordan 1 High Pollen
Das neueste Kapitel im gemeinsamen Erbe des Jordan 1 und des Dunk ist der neue Air Jordan 1 High OG „Pollen“, ein schwarz-gelber Neckbreaker, der von zwei der herausragendsten Farbgebungen des Dunk inspiriert ist.
The thought of wearing comfortable, non-traditional-looking shoes outside of one’s home had already begun to gain momentum as a trend with staying power by June 2020. The Yeezy Foam Runner kicked the idea into overdrive. Crafted from lightweight EVA foam and recycled harvested algae, the Foam Runner compromises nothing on the comfort front. The Foam Runner may not be for everybody, but it has already been extremely influential, as we’ve seen numerous copycats hit the market in 2021.
Yeezy Foam Runner
Women s Air Jordan 1 Mid Aqua Black

Jordan 1 Mid “Aqua/Black”

Even the Nike SB Dunk appears to be a source of inspiration for the Air Jordan 1 Mid. In the case of this women’s exclusive “Aqua/Black” look, the colors found on the skate shoe’s insanely covetable “Tiffany” colorway from 2005 come to mind.